are proud to sponsor young James Burge and wish him all the best as he makes his transition from Sprint Karts to Rotax Super Karts this year.

2015 will be really just a learning year for James as he prepares for his attempt at the State Titles in 2016.

Unlike some others, James wasn't lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family. For this reason we are asking others to join us to give him the best possible chance at making his motorsport dreams come true.
Please email us if you can help. Any Amount will be greatly appreciated !

Who is this James Kid ?
James would like to thank these people for their help and support
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Not long after his birth the doctors informed James Parents he was blind in his right eye and was suffering from a rare condition know as PHPV. The first few years were very painful for poor James and took many years before things started to settle down. As he grew and visited a variety of doctors,specialists and hospitals, the majority suggested he would suffer from major Depth perception problems and never be able to play sports.

Although James wanted to race karts from the age of 7, his family had to save for several years before they had enough to let him have a go.

So what's he achieve so far ?

AKA refused to let him run a mirror on his sprint kart, but with Super Karts its allowed. This should be a real positive for James and help level the playing field.
13yrs Sideways in the Wet
15yrs JNH Club Champion
James Burge Super Kart Racer
Racing with a disability
Living with a disability
Best Disabled Driver in Australia