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TIGER TAILS - Made Simple
When dealing with tiger tails it’s important to understand “What line is what? “
To help with this you may find it useful to review a few basic definitions.
Telecommunications/Foxtel Lines
These lines usually are a thick black line that runs from pole to pole but is usually well below the actual power lines. Can also run from a street pole to a building.
Service Mains
These are the Lines that run from the street pole to your house or building or steel private pole.
Distribution Mains
These are the lines that run from pole to pole down the street. These can be Low or High Voltage. Only low Voltage Mains can have Tiger Tails installed.
As long as we have all the information, all Foxtel/Telecommunications and Service Mains works can be quoted within 24 hours.
What are they and When are they Needed?
Tiger tails can be attached to low voltage conductors to help maintain your awareness but they are not to be treated as insulation. If the statutory clearances cannot be maintained, the low voltage is to be isolated and proven dead on site, by an ‘authorised’ person.
Obviously it depends what work you are doing, but often you may find that the install on the lowest line (Often Telecommunications) will be enough.
Real Examples
(Names changed for privacy reasons)
1) John is knocking down his old house to build a new one. The only problem is his neighbours service main power line goes right across John’s property. For safety reasons the builder has asked John to organise Tiger Tails on this Service Main as soon as possible. John gives Sydney Tiger Tails a call and within 2 hrs has a quote. The Quote included installation of 8 mtrs of tiger tails, 6 months hire and final removal. On acceptance of the quote the Tiger Tails were installed within 8 Days.
2) Mandy is having renovation works done at her existing house and the builder intends on trucking the materials and supplies through the main driveway of the property. The builder would like Tiger Tails installed as a Visual safety aid. Mandy contacts Sydney Tiger Tails who reviews the site and explains to Mandy that the bottom line passing over her driveway is actually a Telecommunication Line and because they were doing work not far from her place in the next few days could do the installation then if she wanted. The project was expected to go on for a period of 10 Months so the price worked out and installed the next day.
3) Mark is the project manager for a new multi story car park being constructed on a corner block. On one side of the block are a set of power poles that contain 4 Low voltage lines up top and one Telecommunications line about 1 meter lower. Mark asks Sydney Tiger Tails to please organise all lines to have Tiger Tails Installed over a length of 40 Mtrs. The Control Centre manager advised Mark that this job will consist of two parts. The first part is the telecommunications. As this is the lower line Mark asks if this can be installed asap as they want to start work in two weeks time. Sydney Tiger Tails provides a quote and has it installed in 5 Days.

The Second part is the 4 Mains power lines. Because this job is within the Ausgrid zone, the Tiger Tails on the low voltage mains will need to be installed by Ausgrid. Mark Pays Sydney Tiger Tails $395 upfront to prepare all the admin paperwork in order to request the quote. This fee includes all design works, the actual application form, and the organisation of Ausgrid safety forms. Once the quote is received it is passed onto Mark who pays Ausgrid direct and arranges the installation and removal directly with Ausgrid.